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(Updated 2006 December 15)


My degree is in electronic design. I have had extensive courses in computer science and mechanical engineering. I bring high level technical experience to engineering teams, market development and writing. I am available as a consultant for a wide variety of services electronic design from conceptual phase to proto-typing to production, short-term design management, market research and development, and technical writing.


My 20 years experience in electronic design work has covered a myriad of engineering design such as analog circuit design, magnetic design, digital design, electro-optical design, instrumentation design, and electro-mechanical design. Projects I have worked on covered flash lamp circuits from a few hundred watts to over 20 kilowatts, CCD circuits for linear arrays and analog shift registers, power supplies from a few watts to kilowatts, flat panel displays such as plasma and electroluminesce and various LCD technologies, printer technologies such as electro-static and ink jet, and semiconductor design. The last 10 years I have worked in the semiconductor market as both applications engineer manager and technical marketing positions.


This project, done for a client, is a gas analyzer. Based on a 12 Volt supply, this system generates 3.3V, 5V, 28V, and 400V supplies to power the various functions. The board uses a microprocessor (not shown) to take temperature, pressure, speed of sound, and dew point measurements (unit not shown) and calculates the purity of a gas. The measurement readings and resulting calculations are sent to a display. The system self calibrates with a known sample using a test fixture that is able to control the microprocessor.







This project is a tracking module that was for search and rescue. Using readings from a GPS, packet data is generated and sent to a radio for transmission. The radio can be used normally through the use of a hand mike. The packet data transmitted is intended for the search base to track the various search teams in the field.





 This is a 300W boost converter. Operating off a battery supply of 24 Volts, a regulated 28 Volt supply is generated. This was a prototype whereby the magnetics could be reduced in size significantly.





Combining my electronic design skills with software experience, I have done numerous integration of hardware and software. I have worked with several different languages such as BASIC, assembly, Fortran, HTML, and C. Projects that have required the merging of electronics and software has included a gas analyzer and aircraft missile simulators.


As I look back, marketing skills started when I first interviewed for a job; this is marketing oneself to future employers. Since then I have learned to show customers what I can do for them to make their design tasks easier. This logically branched into technical marketing work. Understanding what the customer really needs, applying it to a broad market, and developing the solution are the keys to what I do. I have also performed market studies in the computer segments and power supply market in order to determine feasibility of new product development.


My technical writing started when I realized that knowing what one knows is nice, but communicating that knowledge is more important. Writing in a simple, clear to understand method that guides the reader to solutions is what I offer. I prefer to keep to topics that I can bring true knowledge and added value, not just knowing the terms and catch phrases of the market. Some of the papers I have written are listed below.



I also participated in the first Bob Pease Show, by National Semiconductor, as guest speaker. (If the link does not work, try this one first Bob Pease Show.)


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I am available for consulting in several fields electronic design, hardware integration and marketing. Rates vary depending on the contract requirements. E-mail me with your needs and we can discuss further about rates, time frames and task details.


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